Strategy and execution

According to a study from Ernst and Young1, in today's companies, execution is as important as strategy!
A valuable tool to monitoring the company strategy execution is an effective Corporate Performance Management (CPM).

Implementing an effective CPM system requires a strong collaboration of business and ICT teams, and must be based on the best choice of instruments.
Luna decisionTM is a complete, user-oriented suite for your CPM implementations.

Let's investigate the two main features of the Luna suite.


The completeness of the platform means that the primary components of the Luna CPM system (i.e. ETL, database, calculation engine, reporting suite and broadcasting agent) are implemented seamlessly and uniformly within the same suite.

Achieving this within a single CPM system may sound overly ambitious. Yet, it is less ambitious than a complex CPM system that uses several disparate technologies cobbled together into a single program.
Specialized but non-uniform modules require learning different technologies, which then raises deployment time and cost, reduces system performance, and increases the likelihood of usage and system problems.

Other CPM platforms are often based on several technologies, drawn from different vendors, and added over time to the product.
Luna addresses these issues by providing a single and consistent environment with highly-integrated modules.

 1. Ernst and Young, "Measures that MatterTM"

By using one uniform platform it is possible to implement your CPM system in shortest time possible. There is only a single technology for your staff to learn!

Furthermore, the comprehensiveness of the Luna suite is backed by many years of experience in the field of decision support, simulation and reporting systems.

But the reliability and ease of a CPM suite cannot be proved with words alone. So please contact us for a test drive!

User oriented

Balancing business needs with ICT resources is one of the primary challenges for a successful CPM project. Luna achieves this objective by bringing CPM technology to the end-user and without adding user-support demands to the ITC workload.

Your ICT staff stays focused on data quality, consistency, integration and overall project management. Of course the outcome and success of a CPM project is closely tied to data cleanness and accuracy. Luna allows ICT efforts to remain focused on the data itself and end-users are in charge what they do best - the business side (calculations, simulations, reporting, and publishing).

All aspects of the Luna interface are visual, interactive, and end-user oriented. The first duty of a valuable technology is to 'disappear' and allow the end-user to focus on the complexity of the business challenge and not the software itself. To be truly valuable the user needs a powerful tool that does not hold up his train of thought with technicalities.

Luna achieves this goal through a consistent, user-oriented approach.