ADIDAS GROUP - Organizational Efficiency

Guido Bombelli - SVP Finance Group:
"The new analytical capability based on the transparency will definitely drive Organizational Efficiency. We expect to gain 2 to 3 percentage points of Operating Overhead leverage to the top line, which is a very material amount of money."

BREK [Cibis SpA] - MPS, Commercial Budget, Profitability analysis

CIBIS uses the platform to enhance the performances of its 40 restaurant network by performing a daily-basis analysis of raw material consumption, profitability, consumer preferences & satisfaction which is then combined with a comprehensive budgeting system.

FINPIEMONTE - Contract Managemnt

The tool enables the local government to consolidate IS, BS and CF of its subsidiaries. Consolidation in performed operationally, with capabilities to set budgets and examine deltas & ratios, prospective rating, etc. 


The IT investments are monitored on a daily basis under different perspectives: Costing, Project Completion, Budget Compliance, Suppliers, Project Sponsors, Project Owners. The Application merges two data sources:  SAP and IT DWH. 300 Controllers.


The applications provides European laboratories a web portal to enter the data of experiments testing for the presence of modified genomes in food ingredients. The system analyses and provides immediate feedback to the researchers.

REALE MUTUA ASSICURAZIONI - Bargained Budget; Sales Monitor

First, Business Area Managers establish their commercial budget and negotiate it with corporate the funding. After several iterations this becomes the official commercial budget. Second, sales sensitivity is measured and analyzed on a weekly basis.  400 Agencies.

UNIPOL - Network Monitor, Customer Analysis

Agencies monitor their customer portfolio at the single contract level and will benefit from a variety of available filters applied to a smart user interface inquiry system used by 3000+ concurrent web users.