We began as a small group of people, with different backgrounds and experiences, who are passionate about technology and who share a common goal.
That goal was to create a new and truly valuable software that not only enables decision makers to take better decisions and is also easy to use, fast, robust, and with good looking & consistent interface.

Our journey has been a long one but also one of passion and important & exciting challenges. Our efforts led to the creation of Lilith, which was the first name was chose for the technology that eventually inspired Luna.
As our work progressed we accumulated nearly half a century of passionate work into the Luna source code. She - Luna - embodies the technical insights and know-how of the experienced the managers who helped bring to Luna a wealth of unique and powerfully differentiating features. Luna has much to tell!

We are incredibly proud of Luna! It is our sincere belief that she will effectively help users to take better decisions by providing a thorough understanding of the actual business framework at hand and also by allow her users develop new insights through the simulation of alternative, consistent future scenarios.

Our hope is you - the user - will not only take advantage of Luna's state-of-the-art technology as it exists now but also be a part of Luna's ongoing evolution.

Our passion and comittment to Luna teaches us that we must always look to the future! Your feedback, as users, will fuel our endeavor and dedication to Luna by inspiring new and valuable features that will be added to Luna in the future.


Roberto Marchisio Phd. Physics - President
Piero Arfinengo, Dr. Computer Sciences
Massimiliano Cavallo, Dr. Economics
Giuseppe Puccio, Dr. Economics


Approximately 200 years of cumulated experience in analysis, planning, programming, developing, modeling, and deployment.