Data storage

Data storage is the foundation of a fast and effective CPM system. Unfortunately, traditional storage systems based on relational databases usually fail to provide the speed and flexibility needed.

Luna stores data into its robust and fast HCRTM (Hyerarchical Cartesian Relational) engine.

The main advantages of this approach are:

Extract and Load

The Luna storage system permits multiple heterogeneous and simultaneous data feeds and therefore provides complete and flexible data feed system.

Both data and metadata can be imported from multiple sources, ranging from relational databases and ERPs to office instruments or legacy environments.
All the data activities are visual, user-oriented and permit for the automatic update of contents.

Also available are powerful freehand SQL queries and Luna scripts, which can be implemented when needed.

Data manipulation

The calculation engine is at the heart of a CPM system.

A complete system goes beyond simple reporting and charting. Data manipulation involves simulations, scenario, forecasts, overhead allocation, data integration, data cleansing, and more.

The write-back capabilities of the Luna HCR data engine allow the generation of new data starting from historical series or partial sets.
The amazing multi-dimensional methods of the Luna calculation engine makes data manipulation simple, leaving the user free to focus her or his wisdom & time on business-related results rather than programming complexity.


The output of a CPM project is what the final users will experience.
In essence, a book will be judged by its cover!

Luna publications and printout functions are professional-grade and go well beyond the typical 'office' charting.

Complex report design dashboards can be created using tens of components such as charts, grids, logos, notes and widgets.

You have full control over colors, fonts, and styles via a flexible visual authoring tool with what-you-see-is-whatyou-get capabilities.

Report metrics can be expressed in cm's, inches, pixels or percent points. Pixel-precise output can be saved as high quality lossless raster files, PDF files or vector metafiles.

Go Live!

Web or intranet broadcasting is often the most technical and difficult activity for a non-technical user.

Luna's powerful "Web Publisher" provides easy, one-click deployment via the HTTP protocol. Precise customization tools, with live output and write-back capability makes it easy to brings the designers' work directly on your final users' web browsers over the LAN or Web.

The simple yet powerful Luna Web Publisher architecture allows you to configure usage of external web servers or inclusion into the company portal with single sign-on integration and the ability to scale up to thousands of users.
And by reducing demand on IT managers you reduce implementation time and TCO!